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Soup Base

1 head Cauliflower (shave off all the florets and then finely slice the stalk and stems)
Garlic 3 cloves, fine sliced
150g Spiral White Miso
75ml Spiral Extra Virgin Olive oil
3 packets Red Dashi dissolved in 2 litres water
40ml Spiral Mirin
60ml Sake
40ml Spiral Genuine Tamari
50g Butter


1 whole chicken (size 11 – 12)
50g Spiral Shiro Miso
1 head garlic, roughly chopped
Spiral Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and pepper



In a heavy based pan, add the oil and the garlic and very gently bring up to heat.

Once the garlic is fragrant, add the cauliflower and cook over medium heat stirring constantly to ensure that it doesn’t burn. It should take on a golden colour and smell nutty and highly fragrant.

At this point add the miso and stir to combine. Add the dashi and the remaining liquids. Bring to the boil and then immediately turn down. Check the seasoning adjusting if necessary. The flavour you are looking for is not salty but balanced (a touch creamy from the cauliflower). Allow to cook very gently (below a simmer) for five minutes.

Remove from the heat and blitz with a stick blender, adding the butter in a few chunks to emulsify the soup and add a little luxury. The soup should be slightly thicker than a classic miso. If necessary, add more Dashi stock to thin it out.


Rub the cavity of the chicken with the miso and stuff with the garlic. Seal the cavity shut with a skewer and then season well with salt and pepper, and olive oil.

Cover with foil and then roast at 150 c for 25 minutes. At this stage, remove the foil and turn the heat up to 180 degrees. Roast for a further 40-50 minutes. The skin be golden and crisp and the blood from the leg should run clear when pricked. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Once cool, shred the chicken meat and skin and set aside. Save any of the juices to add to the soup.

To Serve

  • Soup base
  • Shredded roast chicken meat and skin
  • Cooked Spiral Udon noodles
  • Baby spinach
  • Shichimi
  • Spring onion rounds

Bring the soup up to the heat and add the chicken, check the seasoning. Reheat the cooked Udon in boiling water and then place in your serving bowls adding a handful of baby spinach leaves. Ladle the soup and chicken over this and then garnish with the spring onion and shichimi. Serve and Enjoy!

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