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As September unfolds, the fresh produce markets are in abundance of juicy fruits and vibrant vegetables waiting to grace your plates. Let’s dive into this month’s market update and discover the delicious treats awaiting you!

Fruit Update

Northern Territory Kensington Pride Mangoes are in stock and boy are they delicious! Indulge in their succulent sweetness before this season momentarily bows out to welcome the Queensland fruit, just a few weeks away.

Blueberries are in an abundance offering exceptional quality at irresistible prices. Blood Oranges and Oranges are juicier than ever, adding a perfect punch of flavour and Vitamin C. Late season Imperial Mandarins still maintain their delightful appeal, while a transition to the equally delightful Afourer Mandarins is just on the horizon. 

Veg Update

The unseasonably warm weather has brought about an abundance of spring vegetables! Fresh and vibrant, the New Season Australian Asparagus is now available in store, boasting an unparalleled freshness. We love ours either steamed or cooked on the bbq. 

Equally enticing are the Asian greens—Bok Choy, Choy Sum, and Gai Lan—brimming with goodness and now gracing our shelves. Perfect growing conditions have resulted in lots of supply helping keep prices down. Fingers crossed that these conditions continue into the summer months!

Whether you’re a fruit enthusiast or a veggie lover, this season has something special for everyone. Shop with us in store or online now!