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With the cooler months settling in, we’re seeing an abundance of fresh seasonal produce hitting the shelves. Read on to see what’s in season this month and worth adding to your next shop!

Fruit Update

Get ready for some juicy citrus this month! New season naval oranges are now available and are a top highlight for fruit this May. With their sweetness and high vitamin C content, they’re perfect for a morning boost or an afternoon snack.

Imperial mandarins are also continuing their fine form this month, with the sunny days allowing their sugars to sweeten beautifully. Keep an eye out for both Packham and Beurre Bosc pears, which are now in season. And if you’re a fan of apples, be sure to try the fresh-picked Pink Lady apples from Orange. They’re crispy, sweet, and bursting with flavour.

Veg Update

If you’re a fan of green leafy veggies, you’re in luck! Silverbeet, kale, and rainbow chard are all in season and packed with essential nutrients. They’re perfect for adding to slow cooks, curries, and soups to give your meals a healthy boost. 

Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, are all in great supply, resulting in some very affordable prices. Keep an eye out for parsnips, turnips, and other winter vegetables which will be increasing in supply over the coming weeks.

Shop all these delicious fruit and veggies with us in store or online now!