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Autumn has arrived in Sydney and the markets are bursting with a new range of fresh, seasonal produce. Keep reading to see what’s in season and worth adding to your shopping basket this month!

Fruit Update

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to welcome the citrus season and the abundance of fruit from Far North Queensland. This season offers a variety of delectable fruits, such as figs and Flamenko passionfruit, which are currently at their best. Figs are the perfect sweet treat to indulge in, while passionfruit can be used to create refreshing drinks and desserts.

Although berries are nearing their end, the good news is that the new season from Queensland will begin next month. However, until then, they will continue to be expensive. On the other hand, the new season of Imperial Mandarins have started and are the perfect size to add to school lunch boxes. New season Gala and Fuji Apples are crisp and sweet, with Granny Smith apples not far away. Grapes in the Grimsom and Thompson varieties are still going strong and will be around during this transition between seasons.

Veg Update

This month, broccoli and cauliflower are stealing the spotlight for their excellent quality and budget-friendly price. These versatile vegetables are perfect for adding variety to your meals. If you’re looking for a sweet and delicious addition to your dinner, local sweet corn has been in abundant supply lately.

Heirloom tomatoes, in all shapes, colours, and sizes are still available, pairing beautifully with the last of the season’s Basil. These fresh and vibrant tomatoes are perfect for adding colour and flavour to your salads or using as a topping for your favourite dishes.

With the cooler weather settling in, keep an eye out for winter root vegetables that will be popping up next month.

At Avalons Organics we’re committed to bringing you the freshest, most delicious produce available, and our autumn selection is no exception. Shop with us in store or online now!