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We have been blessed with some beautiful autumn mornings which has yet again resulted in a change of fresh produce. Keep reading to see what’s in season and worth adding to your shopping basket this month!

Fruit Update

New season mandarins are stealing the show, boasting sweetness and convenience perfect for snacking or packing in lunchboxes. Meanwhile, late-season grapes continue to delight with their crunchy texture and lingering sweetness.
But wait—there’s more! Whilst venturing out at the markets, we were also lucky enough to stumble across some very late season white peaches from South Australia. These late season beauties are eaten hard but are very sweet.

Veg Update

The temperate temperatures from this autumn weather have resulted in perfect growing conditions for many green vegetables. The last of the Australian season asparagus, broccolini and zucchini have been well priced and of exceptional quality.

At Avalons Organics we’re committed to bringing you the freshest, most delicious produce available, and our autumn selection is no exception. Shop with us in store or online now!