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Essential oils

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What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a highly concentrated plant compound that can be found in may shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. They give plants their scent, protect them from environmental conditions, strengthen their immune response and even assist with pollination. As the name suggests, essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant and without them the plant simply wouldn’t exist.

Pure essential oils are incredibly powerful and offer an all-natural alternative to synthetic products. From cooking to household cleaning, personal hygiene and healing, essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. With a wide range of essential oils available, you can easily tailer each product to suit your individual needs.  

Young Living - Essential Oils - Avalons Organics - RC - Lavendar
Young Living - Essential Oils - Avalons Organics - Diffuser - Grocer

How Do You Use Them?

Enjoy the beautiful aroma of each essential oil by diffusing, directly inhaling or adding your oil to hot water. Essential oils that are used aromatically offer a plethora of wellness benefits such as air purification, relieving stress, improving sleep, neutralizing odours and much more.

Use essential oils as flavouring for your favourite meal, as a dietary supplement or in your beverages. Make sure to always check the label of an essential oil to ensure it is safe for ingestion.

Dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil and apply to the skin directly or with a roller bottle. Topical application allows the oil to easily penetrate your skin and transport throughout your body within minutes.

Why Young Living?

It’s simple – Young Living create good quality essential oils.

Young Living use the finest production practices in the industry and actually own or partner with all of their farms. This means their oils are free from pesticides, additives, synthetics and other nasties. 

Their essential oil range is second to none, hosting the largest variety of singles and blends. Furthermore, while most oils have expiration dates (excluding citrus), Young Living’s oils do not. This is because their oils are 100% pure, unlike a lot of other essential oil companies.

Young living is also the only oil company in the world that follows a strict Seed to Seal standard. Anyone can visit the Young Living farms around the world and participate in the harvest and distillation process.

Young Living - Essential Oils - Avalons Organics - Peace and Calm
Young Living - Essential Oils - Avalons Organics - Diffuser

Want to Learn More?

Join us at Avalons Organics on the first Monday of each month for our essential oils soul care gathering! Our team will provide education on what essential oils are, where to get them and how they are commonly used. We will show you how you can use essential oils for sleep support, immune support, well-being, energy, hormone support, natural cleaning and in your daily routine. Enjoy a coffee, yummy nibbles and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.