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Organic Fresh Market Update: May

Organic Fresh Market Update: May

May – It’s that time of year when we start to notice our favourite Summer fruits and veggies are no longer in season. But it’s also during this time that some of the most delicious produce starts to thrive and can be found in your local grocery stores. Here’s some of our favourite fruit and vegetables to look out for during the colder months. 


Mandarins are a crowd pleaser for most adults and children when it comes to choosing a healthy snack. But did you know they also make the perfect ‘secret ingredient’ to any main meal, salad or dessert? Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on trying these incredibly juicy fruits this season!

Organic Mandarin - Seasonal Vegetables -Avalons Organics - Organic Grocer


Who else just got a little excited to see this fruit in season? Oranges are a staple in most households, whether it’s in the form of a solid or liquid, and for good reason. Not only does this fruit taste extremely refreshing but it’s the perfect source of vitamin c to get you through the ‘flu season’. Parents – that means you can now add some extra vitamins into your families diets!


This tropical citrus fruit is known for its sweet and somewhat sour taste. While they’re certainly not the most popular fruit around, grapefruits are actually the most healthiest of all citrus fruits. Rich in antioxidants, nutrients and fibre, this tasty fruit is definitely one to add to your shopping list.

Organic Grapefruit - Seasonal Vegetables -Avalons Organics - Organic Grocer


How many of you have cooked with a parsnip before? Parsnips are a delicious, yet underrated vegetable that often gets forgotten about. They’re a root vegetable that can be baked, mashed or steamed – suitable for most meal types.  So the next time you’re making a vegetable soup, consider adding a parsnip to your pot for some added flavour. 


Who else absolutely loves a fresh lemon water to start their day? Lemons are known to be a strong source of vitamin c, help aid with digestion, improve your skin and much more. So if this fruit isn’t already a part of your daily health regime, it might be time to start including it!

Organic Lemon - Seasonal Vegetables -Avalons Organics - Organic Grocer

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts – two words that most of us use to dread hearing when we were growing up (mostly because no one in movies ever enjoyed them). However with age, most of us came to love this little veggie from the cabbage family. Try replacing some of your green vegetables with brussel sprouts this Winter season – you can thank us later!

Who else is now excited for Winter to come so they can grab all these delicious fruits and vegetables? Visit us in store and ask our friendly staff about what other fruits and veggies are fresh this season!

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