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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Everyday Life

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste In Your Everyday Life

Whether you live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or you just love visiting them, we all have a connection to the ocean one way or another. Our oceans and unique marine life are an integral part in our ecosystem that we all must work to protect. Even though it may not always look like our beaches are flooded with debris, it does exist and we do need to start reducing our waste if we want to see our beautiful planet thrive again. So if you haven’t already started incorporating daily conservation initiatives into your routine, here are five easy ways to help reduce your waste every day!   

1. Bring your own keep-cup

Who else needs a delicious cup of coffee or tea to help energise them for their day ahead? If this sounds like you and you’re not already on the keep-cup bandwagon, it might be time to jump on. Each year over 100 billion single-use coffee cups end up in landfill around the world and some will never even be recycled. Instead of adding another coffee cup to this statistic why not change your habits and invest in your own keep-cup? We have a diverse range of beautiful keep-cups in store that will not only help reduce your waste but will ensure your coffee cup looks fabulous while you do it! 

2. Reuse and refill your oil bottles

Did you know you can bring back your oil bottles and refill them at Avalons Organics? Instead of purchasing a new oil bottle each time you run out, bring an old oil bottle and try our refilling station – we guarantee you won’t go back once you try it.

3. Replace your plastic straw with a metal or bamboo straw

We have all seen the viral photo of the turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose so this waste reduction tip shouldn’t be a surprise. Instead of using plastic straws for your drinks, try replacing them with re-usable metal and/or bamboo straws. In store, we have many metal and bamboo straws and straw cleaners available for purchase. While we only offer paper straws upon request at our café, many businesses still use plastic straws, so it’s always a great idea to carry your own.   

Smoothie - Avalons Organics - Metal Straw

4. Bring your own grocery bag or box to avoid single-use plastic bags

Every year around the world we use roughly 500 billion single-use plastic bags. That’s a lot of plastic that could possibly end up in our oceans and landfills. So the next time you’re going grocery shopping try replacing your single-use plastic bags with re-usable bags or even cardboard boxes. At Avalons Organics we don’t offer any single-use plastic bags and instead, we have many re-usable bag options for our customers – some are even made from corn!   

5. Reuse your own water bottle rather than purchasing a plastic water bottle

While this waste tip may be simple it’s certainly one that many people forget to incorporate into their daily lives. If you’re searching for a new glass or metal water bottle, make sure you check out our beautiful range in store.  

So will you help us fight the war against waste in order to protect our planet? Visit us in store and start incorporating these five initiatives in your every day life!   

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